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Having one or more misaligned, damaged, tiny, or discolored teeth, you may be uncomfortable with your smile or overall appearance. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry can provide you with various treatments for these issues.

If you’re ready to take back your confidence and let your smile show all of who you are on the inside, read on to learn more about how porcelain veneers can help you do just that. 

What Kinds of Problems Can Porcelain Veneers Fix?

There are many reasons a person may decide to have veneers placed. You may want to consider getting veneers if you have teeth that are damaged, brittle, or misaligned and can’t handle any more work done on them. Other issues that make it difficult to achieve the smile you want include:

  • Teeth that look too small or uneven when you smile
  • Teeth that are slightly crooked
  • Teeth that are worn down from grinding or excessive brushing
  • Teeth that are too wide or too narrow for your face
  • Missing teeth
  • Teeth that are too short
  • You have a space or gap between your teeth

Before you get Porcelain Veneers

Before getting veneers, we’ll ensure you’re a good candidate for the procedure. This way, we can avoid any unnecessary steps or issues in the future. We’ll examine your teeth and gums to identify the areas that need improvement. 

We may also take pictures of your teeth or scan your smile using images to help us determine what you’d like to change.

We’ll also talk to you about your goals and expectations. This way, you can let us know what you hope to achieve with veneers. Finding out where you’re coming from can help us understand how we can best help you achieve the smile you want.

After you get Porcelain Veneers

After you get veneers, you can expect to feel more confident in your smile. The improvements achieved with veneers can also allow you to confidently smile more often and allow you to show off your new pearly whites!

  • Your veneers will be durable and able to last for many years, even well into your senior years.
  • You’ll have a natural-looking smile that lets people know you’re confident and happy with yourself. 
  • You can also expect to feel more comfortable eating, speaking, and smiling. 
  • If you currently cover your smile with your hand or try to avoid smiling in certain situations, veneers can let you show the world who you are.

Our Treatment Procedure

The veneer treatment process will start with an initial consultation. You’ll then come into the office for your veneer fittings, examinations, and any necessary adjustments. Once your veneers are placed and the swelling subsides, you can enjoy your new and improved smile.

The first step in the veneer treatment process is to create a mold of your teeth. This mold will help create your veneers. Next, we’ll bond a temporary veneer to one or two teeth. This will help us determine the best color and fit for your veneers. We’ll make any necessary adjustments until the veneers fit your smile perfectly.

Once the veneers are ready, we’ll remove the temporary veneer and apply the permanent veneer. Finally, we’ll monitor your veneers to ensure they stay in good condition.

What Precautions and Concerns Should You Be Aware Of?

If you are in good dental health, have healthy gums, and have no existing dental issues, you’re likely a good candidate for veneers. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before deciding to get veneers:

  • During the veneer treatment process, you’ll have to take special care of your gums to help them heal. This includes eating a healthy diet and avoiding tobacco products.
  • Visiting us for regular cleanings and examinations
  • Using proper oral hygiene techniques


What do porcelain veneers cost?

Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. They involve the placement of a thin, shell-like veneer on the front of your teeth. As the name suggests, porcelain is used to make these veneers. The result is that they look like real teeth.

They can improve the appearance of your smile and provide long-lasting results. Porcelain veneers range in cost depending on the extent of treatment required and whether any cosmetic bonding is needed.

Are porcelain veneers permanent?

Porcelain veneers are a type of dental cosmetic treatment that can be used to correct imperfections in the smile. They are made up of solid porcelain fused to the front surface of your teeth, and they can be used to cover a wide range of issues, including discoloration, gaps, uneven edges, and even cracks.

Porcelain veneers are considered one of the most durable types of dental treatments available today. Because they are made from porcelain, they do not require special care or maintenance other than regular tooth brushing. This makes them an ideal choice for people looking for long-term solutions to their cosmetic concerns. 

Do veneers hurt?

Veneers can be a little uncomfortable initially because they can feel tight on your tooth surfaces. They also take time to harden, so you may need to wait until your new veneer has fully cured before eating or drinking anything hot or cold. 

The Seattle Oral Care Difference

Our Patient First concept at Seattle Oral Care means that we listen to and understand your condition, educate you on other solutions, and treat your concerns for a happy and healthy you.

We also want to ensure that each customer has a positive experience throughout the process. We treat each customer like family and go out of our way to guarantee they are satisfied with the outcome. To improve your quality of life, we pay attention to the whole process, from the first visit to the care you get after treatment.

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