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Dental Implants in Seattle, WA

Whether you have missing a single tooth, multiple teeth, or support Dentures, we offer the most complete range of implant services from replacing a single tooth to all of your teeth in both your jaws while aided by advanced surgical services for successful implants.
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  1. Single Tooth Implants
  2. Multi-Teeth Implants
  3. Full Arch Implants
  4. Bone Grafts
  5. Sinus Lift
  6. Ridge Modification

What is an Implant?

Dental Implant is a revolutionary device that permanently replaces your missing teeth. It integrates with the bone, is a safe and proven replacement for your tooth root, which is the foundation of your natural tooth. It is used to replace a single tooth and supports a dental prosthesis such as Crown, Bridge, or a Denture.


Implants is one of the best options for restoring your missing teeth. It improves your oral health, oral functions, and your aesthetics. It is more conservative than dental bridges.

Implants are the closest you can get to your natural teeth.

It fills gaps in your smile while preserving your existing teeth. You can smile more confidently. It improves your appearance and your self esteem. You can enjoy your regular activities of by confidently eating, smiling, laughing, and talking without worrying about your teeth.

Type of Implants

Implants can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple missing teeth, or all your teeth.

A Single Tooth Implant is used for replacing a single tooth. It is an independent, stand-alone unit, which replaces the missing tooth’s roots but does not impact the neighboring tooth.

A Multi-Teeth Implant is used to replace multiple teeth. The teeth may or may not be adjacent to each other. Each of the implants will have a crown or an implant-supported fixed bridge. This is a highly effective treatment option when considering replacing multiple teeth given complexities, efficacy, and alternatives.

In the case where we need to replace all teeth in one or both jaws, we use Full Arch Implants. At least four implants are placed in each jaw and supplemented by implant-supported fixed bridges or a hybrid denture.

Type of Implant-related Services

We use a number of services to facilitate placement of Implants and improve the quality of outcomes.

Bone Grafts are considered as part of the Implants process to improve long-term success both functionally and aesthetically. Due to missing teeth, the surrounding bone loses quality and quantity over time. Bone Graft can be acquired from various sources and replaces missing bone to promote growth of new bone.

Often, the sinuses can enlarge due to loss of missing teeth. Sinus consumes space making it difficult to find sufficient quantity of solid bone and space to place implants. Sinus is a delicate membrane. It is carefully lifted to enable placement of Implants. This is called Sinus Lift.

Upper or lower jaws can experience deformities as a result of periodontal disease, excessive bite or trauma. This leads to inadequate bone, excess bone, or reduced space for placing implant prosthesis. To address this problem, the jawbone is modified to fill the defect or remove excessive bone as needed. Implants are typically placed after complete healing. Ridge Modification can lead to successful implants. They are durable, lasting a long time and improve your aesthetics including your facial appearance.

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