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Dentures in Seattle, WA

If you have significant tooth loss, to enable you to eat and speak like normal while improving your natural experience and oral hygiene, we offer the full set of denture services.
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What is Denture?

A denture is a prosthetic, removable device that replaces missing teeth. It is supported by soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity as well as implants.

When to use Dentures?

You may experience tooth loss from a variety of reasons including tooth decay, severe gum disease, or via a traumatic injury. Subsequently, tooth loss leads to an inability to chew properly, a sagging facial appearance, or may make you look older.

If a lost tooth is not replaced, then its adjacent teeth may move, shift, bend, or tilt over time. This results in more stress on your jaws and teeth.

Dentures is one of the options to consider for replacing missing teeth. Increasingly, Dentures are used in conjunction with Implants for better outcomes.


Dentures has many benefits such as enabling patients to chew better, speak with confidence, and improve your natural appearance. Importantly, it leads to a better quality of life.

Different Types of Dentures

We offer a comprehensive range of Dentures – Traditional Dentures, Overdentures, and Hybrid Dentures.

When a patient has no bone remaining for Implants to be considered an option or if a low-cost alternative is needed, we consider using Traditional Dentures. These dentures can be removed, cleaned, and reinserted. Also, these dentures can replace a few teeth (Partial Denture) or all your teeth (Full Denture).

When a Traditional Denture is considered to replace some or all the teeth, we recommend using Implants in conjunction for better stability and retention. These removable, implant-supported dentures are known as Overdentures.

In the case where patients prefer not to have removable dentures, we consider using more Implants along with Dentures that are fixed to those Implants. This increasingly popular option is known as Hybrid Dentures. It is also called as All-on-4 or Fixed Detachables.

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I had a very positive experience in my appointment for a couple of fillings yesterday. Everyone was so nice and really seemed to care about my comfort. The explanations of the procedures were very nice to hear. I know, who likes to go to the dentist, right? Well, this visit was about as good as it can get.

Cleadus Robinson

My experience was excellent. The office is lovely, modern and clean. The staff, hygienists, and doctors are all friendly and knowledgeable. I’ve definitely found my new dentist since moving to Seattle. Thank you!!!

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Me and my husband have been customers of Seattle Oral Care for over 2 years. Dr. Krishna and her assistants have been wonderful in taking care of us and advising on our dental needs. She is vary caring of her patients, and very welcoming. We moved from the area but still driving there for our dental needs.
Highly recommend!!!

Ana Herta